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Aug 5, 2020

Joe Biden has a big decision to make - who will he pick as his running mate?  Sports are sorta back, but how are we going to navigate the pandemic world this fall when it comes to youth sports and school?

Intro/Outro - "No Holds Barred" by Kris Anderson - Studio 11 is licensed under a 

Jul 29, 2020

We all want to look good but how much effort are we willing to exert to keep everything clean and tidy?  Is certain scaping too much?  We break down all sorts of everyday grooming and hygiene from showering to shaving to managing your smell and more! 

In 'Take It From Us' we borrow another question from Ask Amy and lend...

Jul 22, 2020

Travel has become increasingly difficult in 2020, so why not get back to our roots and hit the road for some Clark Griswold fun? We share tales from our favorite road trips as well as some of our pet peeves. 

In 'Take It From Us' we borrow a question from Ask Amy and try to help a guy navigate the waters of dating a gal...

Jul 8, 2020

Are recent robotic releases into the marketplace valuable or worthless? Will they be manipulated into something nefarious and/or at least take our jobs?

In 'Take It From Us', we try to help a gal who wants her boyfriend to clean up his downstairs.

Intro/Outro - "No Holds Barred" by Kris Anderson - Studio 11 is licensed...

Jul 1, 2020

How important are manners and social etiquette when it comes to setting the table, eating with friends, having a phone conversation in public or emailing a coworker? We discuss how these formalities can go a long way to better relations and show respect for other people.

In 'Take It From Us', a sports fan is trying to...